Curriculum & Teachers


Our curriculum, New Age-Appropriate Curriculum, written by Smith County Champions for Children features a variety of enriching experiences to match your child/children’s developmental needs. Activities are based upon child development and interests and abilities of the children.

Parent Involvment

It is very important to us that your child/children sense the close partnership between home and school.  We want Toy Town Pre-School to be a resource for you as we work together during these early childhood years.  We also promote the “open-door policy.”  Please feel free to visit or observe your child/children’s classroom and/or volunteer your services at any time.  We also invite you to attend any special events taking place in your child/children’s class.  However, keep in mind that if your child sees you, he/she may be confused about your visit.  If your child/children are older, you may find it helpful to explain your visit.  When you visit the classroom, we ask that you follow the example set by the teacher in relating to your child/children in a positive way.  We also ask that you adhere to the classroom rules and routines.

Teachers & Staff

  • All teachers and staff are over 18 years of age and have a high school diploma
  • An FBI background check is completed for all teachers, and is an application requirement
  • All teachers are certified in First Aid & CPR, plus have SIDS, shaken baby, and brain development training
  • 24 hours of additional training is mandatory each year for every teacher