Enrollment & Tuition


Applications for enrollment are available on request at Toy Town Pre-School, LLC on request.  Applications are considered in the order received and in accordance with classroom openings.  If a waiting list exists, parents will be notified of vacancies as their name reaches the top of the list. We do ask that anyone added to the waiting list call back monthly to update their placement.  Individuals will be removed after two months of no contact.

The following steps must be completed for the enrollment to be final:

  1. Registration Forms
  2. Enrollment Agreement
  3. Physician’s Statement & Current Shot Recorded
  4. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
  5. First Weeks Tuition Paid & ACH Form Completed
  6. Food Program Enrollment Agreement
  7. Contract for Child Care Services – for all CCS clients

Should any of the information we’ve requested change during the year, please notify us immediately in writing. You can send an email with the changes to ToyTownPreSchool2006@gmail.com or you can send a message via our brightwheel app.

All of our record-keeping can be quite efficient if we receive up-to-date information; so please keep us informed of your current work, cellular and home phone numbers, addresses, release information, and updated medical records. 

To comply with TDPRS regulations parents must have all children’s records complete before the child/children can start attending Toy Town Pre-School, LLC.  If parents do not comply, the child/children will not be permitted to attend Toy Town Pre-School, LLC.  If legal custody is in question, documents verifying custody will be required when your child starts attending Toy Town Pre-School, LLC.  

Toy Town PreSchool Weekly Tuition

Full Time Care

Full Time Care

Beginners to Toddler Two’s Class not potty trained

$198.00 per week – Includes, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack

K3’s & K4’s Class – MUST be Fully/Independently Potty Trained

$188.00 per week – Includes morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack

 Afterschool Class – Kindergarten Through 4Th Grade Ages

$88.00 per week – after school – Includes snack

$165.00 per week – Summer Program – Includes morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack

$30.00 per day – For All Day Care During LISD School Holiday’s (Must Sign Up for Care These Day’s & If You Sign Up You Pay Regardless of Attendance. Please also note if we do not have at least 15 sign up we will not be able to offer all day care for the LISD holiday)

** Attention ** All tuition is due in advance. All tuition is charged on Monday’s monthly prices will vary.  The only form of payment we take is bank draft on our scheduled draft dates.

Enrollment fee ~ First week’s tuition and it is nonrefundable if they do not start.

Supply List: Will be sent home 3 times a year.

Field Trip Fees:

All field trip fees will be charge separately and are the parent’s responsibility. 

You are responsible for paying your child/children’s tuition regardless of their attendance. This will ensure their continued enrollment.  If tuition is not paid in full, your child/children will be dropped from the roll. If you fail to give a three weeks’ notice you will be charged three week’s tuitions after the last day of care.  Note a school week / three-week notice is Monday – Friday weekends do not count, and tuition will not be prorated if the last day is in the middle of the week.

Lunch: Parents can choose to bring their child lunch from home or can order a hot lunch via TJC/Aramark for $3.25 daily.  You can choose to buy lunch some days and bring others based on a menu that will be sent home monthly.  Toy Town PreSchool, LLC will provide 2% milk at lunch for all children under 2 years of age and 1% milk for all children 2 years and older.  If you prefer you can send a drink for lunch per the gridlines on page 18 of the parent handbook.

Lunches are ordered ahead of time and payment for all ordered lunches is due regardless of attendance; meaning if you order a lunch and your child is absent you are still responsible for paying for that day’s lunch.



Activities are based upon child development and interests and abilities of the children.



Click here to download the Menu for Toy Town Preschool.