A Good Choice!

While your child/children are enrolled at Toy Town Pre-School, LLC, they will be provided a warm, loving environment in which they can feel confident and secure. They will receive a quality educational program designed to stimulate and enrich their physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development and needs. The time your child/children spend at Toy Town Pre-School, LLC is an important part of his/her lives. It is to the benefit of all concerned if we (teachers and parent/guardian) work as a team to provide your child many opportunities to learn.

Toy Town Pre-School strives to be a model of excellence in early childhood education. The classrooms provide quality education services to young children and their families in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment.

Toy Town Pre-School believes that all children should be able to grow through accomplishments and with a strong sense of self worth. We will provide an environment that encourages this while recognizing individuality within the child. Children will be taught respect for others, as well as themselves, for it is through self-respect that children are able to grow into contributing productive citizens.